quinta-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2011


This winter hollidays Im in Brazil (rio), and ofcource, Im loving it. I can feel the hot tropical air and the smell of sand. This weekend I whent to a small iland to surf with some friends. I practiced my paddling. The beach had white sand and light blue water, the waves are small so it was pretty good for my surfing level. I had a great time and now, I look like a lobster -_- ALWAYS WHERE SUNBLOCK!!! I can hardly move my arms.... I loved the feeling of the drop and my hand on the cold water, and yes, I am entirely obsseced with surfing.

I miss you Rosa Mulloy, I wish you were surfing with me

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  1. Yeah i wish i was there too sweety! Hope u have a great time! Say ''hi'' to medina for me :P, XX